Mavi Tuna does not contain any additives and its main ingredients are tuna fish, salt and oil.

Mavi tuna does not have an unpleasant odor like fat.

To cover a variety of tastes, Mavi tuna has produced tuna in different flavors such as pepper, olive, lemon juice, dill and plain.

Why Mavi Tuna?

Mavi tuna has produced various flavors for different individuals of the society.

Mavi tuna does not need to be boiled. If the appearance of the can is healthy, you can eat it immediately after preparation, according to your taste.

Due to the quantity and quality of first-class Mavi tuna, the most appropriate price is considered for the consumer.


No Additive



No Unpleasant Smell



Wide Variety Flavors


Lovely Taste



No Need Boiling




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